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Insect Pests

No matter how much we respect other creatures, insect pests in the home or workplace are more than just an inconvenience. They can be downright destructive, and even dangerous. Reclaim your space from insect invaders in Charlotte with our help.


Rodents can be incredibly destructive. They can even cause electrical fires by eating through wiring insulation. Add to that the hygiene aspect, and it’s you or them! We get rid of rats and mice quickly, cleanly and effectively.

Customized solutions

Although the specific control measures for pests may be similar, every circumstance in which they occur differs. You want lasting pest control, and we will devise the correct preventative pest control measure for you.

Our Pest Control Charlotte NC Services Include:

  • Comprehensive building inspections to detect pests.
  • Building inspections for home buyers, for example, inspection for signs of termites.
  • Pest management strategies that will keep your area free of pest infestations.

As you’d expect, we also control existing pests including:

  • Pest control – Residential
  • Pest control – Commercial
  • Bed Bug control
  • Bird control
  • Carpenter ant control
  • General ant control
  • Tick & flea control
  • Fly control
  • Mosquito control
  • Odor control
  • Termite inspection & extermination
  • Termite bait & monitoring services
  • Rodent and wildlife control
  • Floor & drain cleaning
  • Stinging insects control (e.g. wasps)
  • Scorpion control
  • Dry wood termite control
  • Subterranean termite removal
  • Fumigation services
  • Insulation installation
  • Rat & mice control
  • Spider control
  • Bee & wasp removal
  • Roach control and extermination

Professional Pest Control in Charlotte, NC

Professionalism means finding lasting solutions. Of course, we also destroy, remove or repel the pests that are troubling you, but to keep your area pest-free, a few preventative measures can ensure you won’t need us again in a hurry. Strange though this may sound, it’s exactly what we aim to achieve! Acting in your best interests is our goal.

You may heard from lone operators who claim they can control your pests. Approach such offers with the greatest caution. An unlicensed local pest controller doesn’t have the skill to control pests effectively while keeping you safe.

Our fourfold focus allows you to contract us with confidence.

  • We determine where the infestation originated.
  • We get the pets under control.
  • We keep your health and environmental health at the forefront.
  • We provide follow up treatment for lasting control when necessary.

Your pest problem is our specialty. Get the solutions you need. All it takes is a call

 Top Rated Charlotte Termite Inspectors and Pest Exterminators

By now, you’ve realized that home remedies don’t work to control pests, and you’ve decided you need a professional service. Naturally, you will want to investigate all your pest control options in Charlotte. We encourage you to do so. See how other companies measure up against our standards and make an informed decision. We are proud of our top-rated status for pest control in Charlotte NC. Here’s why choosing us is the smartest decision:

  • Our pest control service estimates are affordable and accurate.
  • We supply the best pest control solutions and pest control prices on the market today.
  • Our customers’ convenience comes first with us.
  • We can guarantee our work with confidence.
  • All the required certifications and licenses are in place.
  • Our pest control operators have undergone rigorous training.
  • We can undertake pest management for large concerns on an ongoing contract basis.
  • All pest control services are offered in-house

Common pests that households and businesses need help with


When ants settle in a home or business, they become incredibly irritating, and they can even damage materials to construct their nests. The ants you see are just workers. The queen is the single ant that controls the colony and keeps it alive, but she is well-hidden. With our methods, she can neither run nor hide. Say goodbye to your ant problem!

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are surprisingly complex to control, but our methods will free you from these extremely unpleasant insects, plus we’ll advise you as to how to keep them out of your life for good.

Bees, wasps and hornets

We understand the importance of bees in the environment. Killing them is not a desirable option, but you also can’t live with them. Do not attempt to deal with bees on your own. Call us for professional swarm removal services.

Wasps and hornets are very insecticide resistant, but we have the right methods to get them under control without putting you at risk.


The whine of mosquitoes and the nasty, itchy bites may seem the most obvious problem, but mosquitoes can also be vectors of disease. Let us take care of your problem, determining the nearest source and helping you find safe solutions to the problem.


It’s unbelievable how prolifically cockroaches can breed, and people often inadvertently create ideal habitats for them. Get lasting control and get rid of cockroaches. They may like living with you, but you don’t like living with them. Show them whose boss with our help.

Ticks and fleas

When fleas move in, simply crossing the floor becomes an ordeal. Ticks carry disease and leave painful bites. Our fumigation services will stop your problem dead, and we’ll help you to figure out how they came to take up residence, and how to prevent it from happening again.

Spiders and scorpions

Although populations seldom reach problem proportions, the results when they do can be spectacular and scary. Once again, we’re here to help


Termites are among the most destructive insect pests we deal with. Most buildings have at least some wooden components, and these are often of structural importance. When termites start eating their way through these materials, you are seldom aware of it. By the time you notice there’s a problem, the damage can be extremely costly.

We recommend frequent termite inspections, and we can provide termite barrier treatments that will protect your building. Of course, if we see signs of termites during inspection, we provide extermination services.

Rats and mice

There are so many reasons why rodents cause trouble, but why enumerate them? You’ve probably experienced at least some of them if they share your premises. Allow us to solve your rodent problem and enjoy having the place to yourself again.

Crickets, lawn caterpillars, fire-ants, pigeons

Lawn pests are the bane of any gardener, and any number of other creatures may have reached pest proportions. Find out what we would do to solve your pest issues. You may be surprised of the breadth of solutions we offer. Be assured, we will use the least toxic yet effective method possible. Sometimes, we can even use organic and natural methods to good effect.

Pest prevention saves you damage and risk

Why wait until you have a problem on your hands? By the time you take steps, expensive damage may already have been done. Call us for a full pest inspection. We will not only detect any pests that are gaining a foothold, but assist you with preventative pest control methods that work.

Who can pest control contractors help?

Whether you are a landlord, a tenant or a homeowner, pests can make you extremely uncomfortable and cause untold damage. We assist homeowners and businesses in keeping their premises free of pests. Our commercial clients include:

  • The hospitality industry: The last thing you want is cockroaches scurrying about over your guests or rodents in your kitchens. Keep your reputation intact.
  • Apartment buildings are particularly welcoming to cockroaches and rats. Contract us to ensure high-density living doesn’t include high-density pest populations.
  • Factories, workshops and warehouses can’t afford destructive pest infestations that could even endanger industrial equipment. Let us take charge of keeping your industrial premises pest free.
  • Your store or office suite needs to radiate professionalism. One bug or rodent can spoil the entire effect – not to mention the damage pests can do to stored paperwork and office equipment.

If it’s a pest, we can deal with it. If it’s a building, we can examine it to determine its vulnerability to pests and provide defense solutions. Get help from the professionals in Charlotte, NC. Call us for quality pest assessment or pest control services.