#1 Reliable Bed Bug Exterminators in Charlotte North Carolina

It will be a stressful thing for a homeowner to find out that his or her home has been invaded by the bed bugs. The pests’ existence would mean a possibly terrible sleep for light sleepers, stained sheets, and irritated skin. Another stressful that can happen during this time is failing to find a credible Charlotte NC bed bug exterminator to solve the bed bug problem. Calling on an unreliable pest control will waste the homeowner’s time and money, while the stress with bed bugs go on as they suck blood from sleepers into the night. Our company is here to provide the best and affordable bed bug extermination in Charlotte NC that is both high quality and cost-effective.

What are bed bugs?

These insects may have been in your home since you moved in, or they could have stuck to your clothes while you were out in another location. Either way, they could easily infiltrate your rooms and diminish your home’s comforting quality. When found, these bed bugs are only the size of poppy seeds when they are newly hatched, while they grow up to a fourth of an inch when they become adults. If you see white, beige, or dark orange insects with this size crawling somewhere in your home, they could be the bed bugs you are suspicious about.

Can bed bugs be harmful?

Bed bugs may not look like it, but they can pose serious threats to allergen and bacteria-sensitive people. When these pests suck on humans and animals’ blood, they do not exactly cause any pain during the feeding process. But once they finish feeding, the effects kick in. The initial result would be multiple reddish and itchy marks all over the sleeper’s body. The itchiness can really be tempting for scratches, but any act of scratching on or around the area should be avoided. Doing so can make the itchiness worse, and it can lead to more serious infections in the long run. Allergens can also come from the bed bugs’ skin and saliva, so people could get allergic reactions from the nocturnal contact. When allergic reactions are aggravated, it could lead to a life-endangering situation.

What are the signs of a bed bug infestation?

For a first timer in personal home inspection for a bed bug infestation, it can be a lot tricky before confirming if they are really there or not. But surely, there are common signs that you can watch out for in case you want to do it on your own. To help you with that, we listed down several signs of a bed bug infestation:

  • Itchy and reddish marks. Have you ever seen these reddish marks on your body that itch so bad and happen to appear over night? These could be possibly caused by the bed bugs that fed on you while you were asleep. These marks usually come in groups of threes because bed bugs feed on you multiple times but on different areas.
  • Blood and black splatters all over the bed. When you are sure that nothing else you know of could have caused these stains, these could be signs that the bed bugs have visited you for the night. The black splatters are bed bug droppings so do not touch these stains as much as possible because these can cause allergens to sensitive people. On the other hand, the blood you saw was originally from you but the bed bugs have taken them from their feeding. Unluckily for them, some bed bugs got crushed right after they fed thus the appearance of the blood stains.
  • Cast skins. In case you see a mound of shed cast skins particularly near the bed bugs living areas or your sleeping quarters, this could be a sign of about 200 bed bug hatchlings coming out of their former non-hatched selves. Female bed bugs like to lay eggs in bulk, and they usually hatch after four to eight weeks.

How can bed bugs be treated?

You do not have to live the bed bugs for the rest of your life—our company can help you get rid of them up to the last bed bug, and they will not be able to return for a very long span of time. To add to that, there is nothing to worry about what the bed bug treatments can do to the environment, because our methods are entirely safe and non-toxic. We promote environmental protection at all costs, and we are also here to protect you from the pests. To understand our offered services, we summarized our available bed bug treatments for your information:

  • Steamers. This method pertains to the use of vapour coming out of extremely hot water to exterminate all the bed bugs in an infested room.
  • Whole Room Heat. Producing heat using special heating equipment is proven effective with eliminating the bed bugs within an infested area. This method takes around six to eight hours to ensure complete extermination.
  • Freezing. This uses a cryonetic machine that freezes infested areas for two weeks to kill all the bed bugs without harmful chemicals.
  • Pyrethroids. As a man-made pesticide, pyrethroids are assumed to be toxic and harmful. Actually these are non-toxic and are made from chrysanthemums.