Need a Charlotte North Carolina Professional Termite Exterminator?

One of the banes of managing your home is the existence of termites that feed on your precious wooden furniture, doors, floors, and other things that make your household as it is. Priceless antiques and expensive investments will only be for naught if these pests keep feeding on your properties. The only way to get rid of these termites is to call on professional termite exterminators in Charlotte NC. For the locals of Charlotte and nearby cities, our company has always been their immediate contact when it comes to the best natural termite treatment services. Our services are always available and affordable, and these termite infestation solutions cost cheaper than you would think.

What are termites?

There are different classifications of termites, but the most common pests in homes are subterranean and drywood termites. Subterannean termites usually swarm during the spring, while the drywood termites come out in the fall. Also, there are three basic types of termites: workers, soldiers, and reproductives. These insects feed on wood, so the workers look for food sources to manage their survival. Soldiers take care of threats, while reproductives increase their colony’s number as fast as they can.

Harmful Effects of Termites

Aside from the unnecessary expenses that is caused by these insects’ incessant wood scavenging, direct contact with termite saliva, droppings, shedding, and debris can affect people through allergic reactions and asthma attack. Take note that people do not get immune with the harmful allergens and particles. Constant exposure to these can make a person develop these illnesses in time, regardless of family history and biological stability.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

Having termite colonies infest your home is a terrible idea, and it will only get worse when you do not immediately confirm their existence. Personal home inspections should be a must, but you must of course learn the basic signs that will help you know that they are really there, even though you have not seen one termite with your eyes. We have listed down for you these various signs that will help you with the inspection:

  • Termite droppings and wings. The droppings are commonly seen on window sills and near walls on the ground. The wings can also be obvious especially since the termites shed their wings collectively when they swarm.
  • Small brown tunnels. Have you noticed dry mud tubes in or near your home? These are tunnels that subterranean termites create when they burrow into and from the ground. Subterannean termites usually live underground and travel patiently towards their target food sources. Do not touch these because they are made up of termite mud, saliva, and droppings.
  • Collapsing walls, floors, and ceilings. When your walls, floors, and ceilings start to flop, and you see some unusual dark stains on them, it is most likely that termites have already invaded these from the inside, especially if these parts are made from wood.
  • Cracked or damaged foundation. When termites live near your home, particularly near or around the home’s foundation, these parts get damaged and will cause cracks and diminished threshold. This is why termite-infested homes are not safe in the long run because weak foundation means more danger of collapsing.
  • Unusual holes in wooden furniture and structures. This is the most obvious sign because termites eat wood. They make holes out of the wood, and then collect small parts from the inside. Be sure to check all the sides of the furniture or structure if possible, so that you can confirm hidden holes in case.

Available Termite Treatments

No need to stress out on finding the termite treatments you need—our company is ready and willing to provide you the most professional termite extermination service that you can ever have. In line with that, we have listed down our available offers on various termite treatment methods:

  • Bait and Monitoring System. A termite bait is implemented by putting a termiticide-laden bait on the infested area, so that the worker termites can collect their food from it. The worker termites take the bait parts to their colony so that the reproductives and soldiers can eat them too. Slowly, these termites will be eradicated for good. Our professional exterminators will be monitoring the whole extermination to check if all of the colonies have been eliminated.
  • Microwave Technology. With the use of microwaves, heat is produced to eradicate the termites on the spot in the infested area. Among the treatments, this is the most contemporary method, but is already proven to be effective.
  • Liquid Termite Barriers. These barriers are installed by making a trench on the soil near the home’s foundation, then creating holes on it so injecting termiticide is possible. These barriers can eradicate living termites while also barring them from damaging your foundation.
  • Physical Termite Barriers. If you are only interested in preventing the termites from damaging your foundation and getting in your home, physical barriers can be installed around the foundation.
  • Sand Termite Barriers. This is an especially preventive barrier because it is for the case of sand termites. These types of termites can burrow into dry soil, whereas the usual termites only go into moist soil.

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